is the hub of a coffee network formed by Arkacia Ventures. Gourmet coffee is a great way to start your morning You want to find freshly roasted beans, and to grind them to the right kind of grind for your coffee brewer. Fair Trade Coffee is a great way to give farmers more of a living wage. Sustainable or 'ethical' sourcing in general means that you are supporting efforts to help the environment and to help farmers. One of our favorite coffees is espresso. It has to be done just right. Adding sugar can be good, or your favorite creamer. Some people even use Espresso in recipes such as cakes and cookies. Espresso is done in different ways from a stovetop steamer to expensive machines but even the stovetop steamers can do a good job. These steamers are typically all aluminum, and the best ones come from Italy. The best grinders are called Burr Grinders, and they do not use a blade bur its more of a crushing motion. The best coffee many feel is from the French Press (which uses a course grind). Whatever your preference, a dark rich cup of gourmet coffee warms the body and refreshes the mind. Coffee is also full of antioxidants, and so it lowers inflammation and is healthy for you. Many recent studies show that it reduces several kinds of cancers, and reduces dementia. Those sensitive to acidic foods can buy low-acid coffees.

There is no better way to start your day then quietly sipping a great coffee or espresso; it is almost a meditative state. Reflect on your accomplishments this week and in life, and plan your goals for the day. Having that "coffee moment" each morning can do a lot more for you than rushing to check your email - take control of your life!